Bernie Sanders’ Extremely Practical Inauguration Look

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Like it or not, inauguration day can become the Oscars red carpet of political events. People pay attention to what political leaders are wearing, and many of them show up in their finest. (Kamala Harris and Jill Biden both wore vibrant, colorful coats, that people loved).

Sen. Bernie Sanders, however, showed up dressed down and extremely mindful of the freezing weather.

Sanders wore a winter coat and signature wool Vermont mittens — and came carrying a manila folder?

His extremely practical look became an instant meme.

People online joked he was channeling full Vermont dad energy. His mittens were a particularly endearing choice because, according to BuzzFeed News political reporter Ruby Cramer, they’re a staple in the senator’s home state and they were gifted to him by a teacher two years ago.

“Bernie’s mittens are made by Jen Ellis, a teacher from Essex Junction, Vt. She gave them to him 2+ years ago and was surprised when he began wearing them on the campaign trail,” Cramer tweeted. “They are made from repurposed wool sweaters and lined with fleece made from recycled plastic bottles.”

More simply, it was really cold in Washington, DC, and the mittens are probably really warm!

And while it’s unclear what’s inside the envelope he’s seen carrying to the inauguration, people hilariously joked that he had errands to run after the historical presidential handoff.

That, or he’s still working and drafting new policies during the inauguration, others joked.

When Sanders was captured sitting in the audience socially distanced, it created a whole new relatable Mood.

Here’s to Sanders’ extremely practical choices during a historic and flashy ceremony. We understand, we relate, we all got shit to do.


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