How to resist seduction (Pastor Bankie)

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Seduction. Yes seduction, is a great weapon in the hands of who know its powers. It has brought down great kings and empires and ruined many destinies. It is something very deep, which not many people comprehend.

Your career could go downhill all of a sudden, you could lose a loved one, or even your own life, and much more, if you fall to the power of this great force called seduction.

One of our editors came across this post by Pastor Bankie, and we felt we should share it with you. read on!


Bros, I want to share something I consider
important to you. On a normal day, I won’t
write this kind of letter to you, but realizing
that we have resolved for chastity as single
youths, I decided to share with you a truth I
learnt in my quest to maintain our resolve for
Because of our resolve for chastity, we make
efforts on our own to keep away from
anything that will get us into the condition
where we can’t keep this resolution. However,
there are people who seem to have resolved
to make sure we don’t keep to it. For now, let
me call them – seducers.
They use a wide range of tactics ranging from
revealing ‘sensitive’ parts of their body,
making sex-suggestive moves with their body
to making body contact to arouse their target.
Their tactics are ever evolving with Satan’s
increasing penetration on our media and
fashion, but the common denominator of them
is to get you sexually aroused so that you will
want to sleep with them or at least someone
While we continue to preach decency in
dressing, we can’t put a stop to seducers
tactics. That’s why we need immunity to their
seduction. I prescribe immunity because it
keeps you unseduced from seducers in our
Now, how do you acquire this immunity?
Follow me through the remaining parts of this
letter for my answer.
First, let me tell you that I have been a victim
of this, especially as a teenager. It was so
distracting that many times I will lay hands
on my staff of office and pray to God to make
it dead and resurrect it when it’s time for its
use. God never answered the prayer; instead
He has helped me to stand firm. I want to
share with you how God has been helping me.
You need to understand that you don’t get
aroused primarily because of her seduction
signals, but because you have receptors
where the signals register. The seducers
signals are like radio wave sent in your
direction; you pick the signal ONLY if your
body is turned on to receive it.
Therefore, the starting point of turning your
receptors off so that even though the
seducers signals is all around you, you won’t
pick the signal. This can’t be achieved as
quickly as you turn off your radio. It takes
time and routine exercise on your part.
What do You fill Your Mind with?
First, work on your mind. If you fill your mind
with pornographic materials in whatever
format – text, pictures, videos – your body
will be attuned to pick the seduction signals. I
understand that, as one who desire chastity,
you won’t go to buy or download what we
generally term pornographic stuffs but what
about the soft porn in around us all the time.
You can’t sit down watching TV channels that
play music videos which is a collage of half-
naked girls; making sexual moves and sounds
in the name of dancing.
Just by the way, know that TV
channels like Channel O and Trace Urban TV
are not for us; they have their audience!
These guys seem to specialize in playing only
X-rated music videos. They don’t help us
maintain our chastity and we must resolve to
mistakenly tune into the channel. I make bold
to say, if you make these channels or their like
your favorite, your chance of maintaining
chastity will drop to near-zero.
Don’t sit down watching the pictures on
Fashion Court in newspapers. They know why
they devote two pages to display pictures of
nude women. But what I know is that it is not
good that you sit down watching it. To spend
your time watching it is to turn your system
on to get seduction signals easily.
At some point in my life, I resolved not to see
Oyibo man’s movies because almost everyone
I see will have scenes of plain sex action.
Whether they realize it or not, I believe that
the way they depict sex is too plain and may
have been inspired by Satan. I don’t want
mentions names here, but some of them are
not different from porn – at least soft porn.
You gat to keep off from them!
What information do you process in your
mind? If you have cut yourself off from these
materials but you still go in the company of
sinners; they will fill your head with stories of
sex which when your mind process thereby
turning you on. Personally, I have to cut off
from some relationships I consider career
rewarding because these people will describe
their sex escapades with their girlfriends and
concubines so clearly that you can picture it
in your mind’s eye. This gets me thinking
what I shouldn’t.
Which comedian do you listen to? What is the
content of their comedy? There are two
Nigerian comedians I hate to listen to their
jokes or watch their sitcom. Their jokes
border on sex while their sitcom is about
fantasies about sex. Yes, it’s joke and it
makes us laugh but does it leave us better? I
would rather risk not listening to any joke for
the rest of my life than listen dirty ones. Let’s
look out for clean jokes; there is at least one
of them I know whose jokes are both
intelligent and clean. I listen to that one any
Beware of vulgar musicians. My number one
source of entertainment is music. But at some
point I realised that some of the songs I
listens to, though confam production, are not
good for me. So, I became selective. What
kind of music do you listen to? It doesn’t
make sense to plug your headphone listening
to somebody singing ‘all I want is your waist’
or the other boy that wants a girl’s body
sleeping in his bed and tell me, you are
craving for chastity. If you listen to these
vulgar lyrics for a long time, your system gets
conditioned not just to be easily seduced but
for sex. Get this clear: music has the capacity
to put you in a mood; be careful that you
don’t listen to ones that will put you in the
mood for sex.
Don’t just free your mind; fill it with valuable
I have been talking about what not allow into
our mind –the true centre of sexual arousal.
But you know that nature abhors vacuum.
When you free your mind of pornographic
stuffs, you have to fill it with clean materials
to process. Get busy; very busy with your
books or work. More importantly, fill your
heart with Scriptural truths about sex. Get a
friend who is not under the bondage of sexual
immorality and encourage one another to keep
your resolution for purity. I have a brother
who we bare our minds on sex and
temptations. It has been encouraging in my
resolve for chastity.
Build your spirit man up. Get messages and
listen. For me, I listened to Pastor Bankie’s
messages, “The Giant Killer*” where he
showed me how powerful God has made me
to take on any giant whatsoever and how
Satan wants to leak that power away through
sin. I also listened to another one, “Faith
Killed by Sin **” and “Desperate for Purity***”
where my heart was saturated with the power
of sin; thereby weakening the craving for it. I
read Zac Poonen’s book, “Sex Love and
Marriage ****”. As I fill my heart with these
materials it became easy for me to see nude
images in magazines or online and not get
fixated to them. The same things that
aroused me look normal. I even thought that
my ‘staff of office’ has finally died but it
It will be an error to make it look like its just
methods I used. I prayed to God in plain
terms; telling Him how I feel and why he
needs to help me out. You can’t cease form
praying to Him. Sometimes we know what to
do but feel incapacitated to do it. That was
Jesus Christ, condition just before the cross.
He went to God and presented his condition
to him and He was strengthened to do the will
of God. Bros, it’s the will of God that we
maintain chastity; let’s always go to Him in
prayers requesting His help to enable us obey
My brother, as you do this, you will realize
that you have started acquiring the immunity
to her seduction. That’s when you will be able
to see that it’s actually stupid for a girl to
wear that skimpy dress she wears. You will
be able to notice that it’s desperation that
will make her put her boobs for auction (with
push up bra). Your attitude will change from
fantasies about her body to surprise for her
Also, don’t make them your close friends. This
is most useful as you are trying to free your
mind of dirty images. Some of them are so
stupid (or possessed of Satan) that even
when you try to avoid them, they keep coming
close; tactically pushing you with her boobs.
In that case tell the person directly and in
plain terms what she is doing how you are
not interested. She will feel bad; but that’s
her problem. The most important thing is
maintaining chasitity!
One other thing that has been helping me is
that I understood that some of these seducers
don’t know what they are doing; they are
possessed by Satan and sent to ruin your life.
That is why I basically see them as either
girls confused by confused celebrities or are
possessed of Satan to ruin my life.
This letter is getting longer and I don’t think I
have said all I want to say on this issue. But I
need to summarise now and continue in my
subsequent letter.
What’s the point I have made? We may not
be able to stop seducers from trying to
seduce us but we can condition ourselves not
to be seduced by them. Don’t fill your mind
with pornographic information. When you
stumble on it; resist any urge to process it in
your mind. Fill your mind with God’s truth
about sex and sexual sins. Remember her
tactics are to turn on your body and destroy
the real you. She is a messenger from Satan;
not really a seducer.
I hope you got my point?
Let’s pray.
Almighty God I thank you for making us your
children through Jesus Christ. It’s our desire
to live in chastity but there are temptations
everywhere. Our utmost desire is that you
wipe our world of seducers or better still
convert them but as long as they are here
give us strength to obey you despite their
influences. Please strengthen us to do you will
as single youths. Of our own, we can’t obey
you but we desire to obey you completely.
Send us help because Jesus Christ has paid
for it. Amen.
* “The Giant Killer’ is a 5-part series of radio
** “Faith Killed by Sin” part of a series is
radio series “Faith and Destiny)
*** “Desperate for Purity” is part the series,
“Habitation of God”
**** Love, Sex and Marriage can be accessed
from book section of Zac Poonen website


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