Genres: Folk Dance
Artists:   Queen Theresa Onuorah
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Egedege Dance is one of the most renowned traditional dance outfits and an Igbo traditional Royal-styled cultural dance in the whole of South Eastern Nigeria. Founded in 1985, it is a reincarnation of an old version originally performed by the ancestors of the present-day Unubi. In those days, it was a moonlight dance, performed by youths. It has however been remodeled to fit modern trends. Their performance is a combination of songs, dance, Instrumentation and colorful traditional outfits. Their performance is introduced by elaborate fluting which is the entrance cue that heralds the group, led by the queen. The singing only begins when the queen reaches the stage and takes the microphone. She arrives under a big umbrella, carried by one man, with another fanning her from behind. She sings but sometimes dance to the rhythm of the instrument. Egedege dance was made popular by Mrs Theresa Onuorah in unubi Town. She is happily married and lives in unubi till date. The name Egedege stems from a local slang for richness and bravery which explains why the dance is considered Cultural classics and are only played in a royal homes or rich families

source: wikipedia


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