23 Questions The World Has For Australia

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It’s hard to admit, but these people may have a point.


Why do we lure people in with a false agreement, before revealing our true answer: No.

Twitter: @benough


Why do we go barefoot while driving, at the shops and at pretty much all venues — even if we’re nowhere near a beach?


Why do we strictly adhere to the seasons passing every three months?

Twitter: @SuperCroup


Why do we insist on littering every fucking swear word under the sun throughout our goddamn sentences?

Twitter: @FunctionLogan


And yet lengthen every word that’s just a single syllable?

Twitter: @HeziPlays


Why do we naturally have a vocal inflection that makes it sound as if everything we say is a question?

Twitter: @duhvinki


Why do we pay hundreds of dollars to fly to Bali and sit on the beach, when we have the best beaches in the world on our doorstep?

Twitter: @morosenick


Why do we go on and on about our undying love for this smelly yeast paste?

Twitter: @tavlxr


Why do we force ourselves, friends and visiting celebrities to drink from a shoe?

Twitter: @rubyinnes


Why do we never question our close proximity to these jacked-up marsupials that could knock us out cold?

Twitter: @rosyriveteer


Why do we unashamedly boast about our stunning weather year-round (because let’s face it, even our winters are still very mild)?

Twitter: @NeilHubbucks


Why do we love beetroot so much?

Twitter: @seneca


Why do our most beloved things sound like they were named by pre-schoolers?

Twitter: @sophiegraeber


Why do we pretend to get excited for the uber-Americanised celebration known as Halloween?

Twitter: @spunkIuke


Why do we leave our sunny, coastal oasis in droves and head off to the UK for several years?

Twitter: @mummygirl


And finally, why do we make light of the fact that Australia is home to the world’s deadliest animals and insects?

Twitter: @horsethedog

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