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Dare to Dream (stylised as DARE to dream) is the eighth studio album by Greek keyboardist and composer Yanni, released in March 1992 on Private Music. The album peaked at No. 2 on Billboard’s Top New Age Albums chart and at No. 32 on the Billboard 200 chart in the same year. It went gold within two months of its release and was nominated for a Grammy.

Track List


No. Title Length
1. “Once Upon a Time” 3:51
2. “A Love for Life” 5:07
3. “Nice to Meet You” 5:35
4. “So Long My Friend” 3:47
5. “You Only Live Once” 7:19
6. “To the One Who Knows” 5:37
7. “Face in the Photograph” 3:47
8. “Felitsa” 4:45
9. “Desire” 5:00
10. “Aria” 3:58
11. “A Night to Remember” 5:47
12. “In the Mirror”


source: wikipedia


Sous le dome epais
Ou le blanc jasmin
A la rose sÕassemble
Sur la rive en fleurs
Riant au matin

Viens, descendons ensemble.
Doucement glissons
De son flot charmant
Suivons le courant
Fuyant; Dans

LÕonde fremissante
DÕune main nonchalante
Viens, gagnons le bord
Ou la souree dort

Et lÕoiseau
LÕoiseau chante
Sous le dome epais
Sous le blanc jasmin
Ah, descendons ensemble

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