Alexis Ohanian Supports Serena Williams At Tennis Match

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This is what love looks like.

Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, is so supportive!

He wore a white Nike T-shirt that read, “Greatest Female Athlete,” with the word “female” crossed out on it during Williams’ Australian Open match against Simona Halep.

“Onward. 👏 Thanks for helping [me] pick my shirt, IG squad,” he wrote on Instagram. “If you want your own, ask @nike.”

Ohanian’s friends Mindy Kaling and Gabrielle Union commented about how much they loved his shirt.

After winning the match, Williams talked about the possibility of her someday playing doubles with her daughter, Olympia, at the Australian Open.

“It was the only thing that we could do [while social distancing] for almost a whole year of COVID,” she said to the Tennis Channel. “So I was like, ‘I would never put my daughter in tennis,’ and then, it’s the best socially-distanced sport that you know, I think, that you can play.”

Williams said her daughter is already learning how to play tennis. “My three-year-old has a coach,” she laughed. “How ridiculous is that?”

If Olympia does become a tennis pro like her mom, you can bet her father will also be cheering her on in the stands — maybe even with a t-shirt just for her!

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