Did You Know You Can Make Your Very Own BuzzFeed Quizzes And Lists?

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Here’s everything you need to know!

Bored at home? Well, did you know that you can publish your very own quizzes and posts on BuzzFeed?

Whether it’s a Bridgerton trivia quiz, a Harry Styles appreciation post, a quiz about your hometown, or just something that speaks to your identity – the possibilities are endless!

“How do I do this?” I hear you ask.

Save your posts to the “UK” tag, and once published you can share your creations with your friends and family, and it may even be promoted by BuzzFeed’s editors!

Want some inspiration? Check out some of the cool community posts our British users have made here!

Sign up here and don’t forget to comment what you’re going to make your first post about!


You can find our FAQs and Community rules here!

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