Encounter with a succubus – Odion’s diary

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Hello. I trust your week has been great. My interview is tomorrow. the interview for which I traveled to Asaba. I hope I get this job, this country has frustrated me enough.

Before then there’s something I want to share with you.

Have you heard of succubus and incubus?

I have read a number of interesting posts on this website about succubus and incubus, the sexual spirits whose existence is still shrouded in mystery.

People have since long had different schools of thought, whether incubus and succubus are real or not. Connecting with several teenage  experiences I had while growing up, I am convinced that truly these spirits exist. I would like to share  my first experience.


I hit puberty before age 10. I was in elementary school then. Before then, while growing up, I heard many stories. I so much loved romance stories and movies because of the feelings  and thrill they inspired.

This feeling was a very intense current of warmth. Most often I would hold these feelings in my heart, for long, and each time I came across someone resembling my favorite characters, these feelings would come back alive and I would find myself growing a special attraction to the person.

At puberty, what I admired about women began to expand beyond a fine face or a good voice, I began to notice different waist or boob sizes. Seeing these features on movies or reading of them in novels began to spark off a new set of feelings in me. I noticed changes inside my boxers each time I watched or read about a woman having the features that I liked.

In real life I began to notice this too, my hormones were beginning to catch on to the fact that I was now beyond an infant. I began to have rock-hard erections, very randomly too. I never understood how and why, I only just knew it always followed that intense warm feeling that happened each time I met someone or read/watched a woman with special features that appealed to me.

My first succubus visit

Then one day, I went to sleep late, very tired and exhausted from the day’s hard work. It was not long, I fell into deep sleep. Then I felt myself like I was awake, in the same room. But the doors were open, I remember I closed them before going to bed. I was pondering this, (how did the doors open?) when I saw a woman at the door. She was thick, typical milf features. She stood at the door.

As I looked at her, I did not see her face, but her very upright boobs that stood firm in front of her and moved with every breath she took. As I looked, some part of her cleavage became very visible. My heart skipped several beats. I motioned her to come in.

She had blue eyes, and this very blonde hair. Her skin shone even in the dark. I was beside myself as she continued her slow walk to where I was. This movement seemed to take ages as their effects on me settled in, every bounce of her chest with each step forward, every detail. She moved like one of those ancient fairies, upright, shoulders high and eyes bright and shining, with each majestic stride.

As she moved, I noticed her waist, it was out of the world. I felt that warm feeling growing very intense inside me and raging widely. Porn stars of today have a lot to learn, looking back to what this woman came with.  As she moved her hips and strode towards me where I lay on the bed, I felt as if I was going to explode with this strange feeling. It was so strange unlike anything I had ever seen before. It was beyond perfect.

I never forgot the smile on her face, a smile as if she knew my thoughts and controlled them. And anything I had ever thought of or imagined, all she came with them all.

And she touched me

Then she reached down and sat on the bed. I felt the bed move under her weight. As the vibration reached me I felt little junior almost tearing its way out of my boxers.

Then something happened. She leaned in towards me, and reached out and laid a very soft hand on my chest. All I could see and think of, was her boobs and her waist so very close, and the hypnotic smile she fixed on me. She smelled of a flower that I had seen only once while fruit hunting 2 years earlier. It became too much for me to bear. It felt like pleasure, it felt like fire.

The moment I felt her hand on my chest, I started shaking at the waist. I woke immediately, with my waist still vibrating. I was sweating and breathing very hard.

I looked around, no one was there. The doors were locked.

Then as I turned over, I felt a warmness in my boxers. Some liquid was down there. Did she pour water on me? Or did I bed wet at my age? Mom will kill me today!

I turned on the light and looked. I did not bed wet, but something was there.

Some funny smelling fluid. Pour junior was oozing out some milky white fluid.

I rushed to the bathroom and washed myself. It was hard to take it all in at once. Overwhelmed by the strangeness of it all, I went to the parlor and slept till morning.

For three days I did not have the courage to sleep in my room.

The experience happened over and over and over again. At a point I started trying to resist it, but once she came close, I would lose control.

There was a time I began to fantasize about kissing. I watched and read so much romance and this became another wonder to me. What happens, what do the both people feel when their lips meet?

The next time she came she actually laid her lips on mine, and I woke up with my mouth open and saliva dripping out the side.

It’s a very long story.

It’s been over 10 years since that first experience, but each time I think of it, I still shudder. For those that argue that succubus are not real, maybe if you experience it, you’ll understand. In this life humans are not the only beings in existence. There are other beings around us, spirits like succubus and incubus.


About my interview, I will gist you by tomorrow.

Stay safe,


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