How to promote your Music on Brightloaded Hub

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Are you a musician? Have you released an album? Are you working hard to get your music career to the next level?

You’re at the right place!

At Brightloaded Hub you are given a platform to promote your career. We create:

1. A standard Artist profile for you with your website, social media and contact links. This will enable your fans to keep in touch and up to date with your releases.

2. Songs and Albums listings for every single work you release. Due to our high SEO ranking, your songs and albums get on search engines within the shortest time.  You can also share them to your social networks. You can take advantage of our Brightloaded community platform to meet realtime with your fans. This also gives you the chance to meet other top artists and get connections.

3.Utilize our Events promotion service. You can submit your events/shows on our site. We help you handle the ticketing and signing in of attendees to your event. Our maps services make it easy for your attendees to easily locate your venue. Our site keeps track of your events and helps attendees to book and manage their calendar and booked events.

You have much more to gain by getting your artist profile on our platform.

How to go about it?

1. Simply register on the site

2. Activate your account

3. Send a private message to “Brightloaded Hub team” describing your songs/albums, with details, you’ll be replied, and your artist profile processed.


Update your profile fully, then post details about your songs/albums on your profile status update. You’ll be contacted for processing and listing of your artist profile.

It’s that easy!


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