Twitter Reactions To Sabrina Carpenter’s Skin Song

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“I’ve never been more invested in Disney stars’ drama.”

Since Olivia Rodrigo dropped “Drivers License” on Jan 8, the internet has been obsessed with unraveling the story behind the song.

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Basically, fans think Olivia wrote the song about her High School Musical: The Musical: The Series co-star Joshua Bassett leaving her for fellow Disney star Sabrina Carpenter.

The latest installment in the Olivia/Joshua/Sabrina saga is Sabrina’s new single “Skin,” which a lot of people think is her response to “Drivers License.”

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Basically, the drama is once again all over Twitter. Here are some of the best reactions:


This person summed up how all of us feel about getting sucked into the story.

@NE3M0 / Cartoon Network / Via Twitter: @NE3M0


The situation bears a striking resemblance to a storyline on Good Luck Charlie.

@miragesabrina / Disney / Via Twitter: @miragesabrina


This fan pointed out a striking similarity to the love triangle storyline on Taylor Swift’s Folklore album.

@molliekenneyy / Via Twitter: @molliekenneyy


Olivia is probably out there just enjoying the success of her own hit song.

@rikityriks / Via Twitter: @rikityriks


Both of these talented ladies are just watching their songs rise on the charts.

@girlsgaysntheyz / Via Twitter: @girlsgaysntheyz


They won’t be the only ones counting their coins when this is over.

@rcsitastark / Via Twitter: @rcsitastark


This person pointed out the biggest truth concerning the whole ordeal.

@superdeadaadz / Via Twitter: @superdeadaadz


This person made a valid point.

@exhaledeluxe / Via Twitter: @exhaledeluxe


It’s breaking my heart the same way “Drivers License” did all over again.

@scrambleddmeggz / Via Twitter: @scrambleddmeggz


The Disney Channel hasn’t seen this much drama since the Nick/Selena/Miley days.

@jalboyhamirah / Via Twitter: @jalboyhamirah

In Sabrina’s own words, I hope one day they can both laugh about it. Until then, stream “Drivers License” and “Skin.”

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