Urban Outfitters Listed A Woman’s P.E. Sweatshirt For $98

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Urban Outfitters. You know em, you love em, you’ve heard the jokes about em.

Literally the same sweatshirt, complete with names scribbled on the chest so no one stole your gear from the locker room!

“The sweatshirt was literally part of our P.E. uniform,” Danielle told BuzzFeed. “That and the sweatpants were our winter gear. The actual uniforms were so ugly.”

“I first saw it being listed because someone who was in my class posted about it on Twitter. I had to check myself to see because I truly could not believe it was real! Especially at such a high price…evil.”

Naturally, I rushed to the comments to see what other people were saying about this riveting saga. Some pointed out the…hygienic issues with selling such a sweatshirt.

Others said that this kind of thing has happened before.

And someone pointed out that it wasn’t necessarily Urban Outfitters that was selling the sweatshirt, but UO MRKT, a feature that allows people to sell their clothes on OU’s website.

“Thanks so numerous comments, I think the sweatshirt may be listed under their marketplace…but I don’t really care to learn more about that,” Danielle told BuzzFeed. “But I mean, if one of the former students is selling it for that much, that’s kind of a slay.”

For what it’s worth, I did some digging into UO MRKT, and apparently all items sold through the marketplace have a badge above the Add to bag Button.

I scoured UO’s website to confirm if the sweatshirt did indeed have the badge, but couldn’t find the listing, so I guess we’ll never know the truth. Maybe Mason M. ended up selling it and getting his bag! Either way, we can’t deny that it happened, because pics don’t lie.

Urban Outfitters hasn’t commented on the situation yet, but we’ll let you know if they do. Meanwhile, I’ll be over here giggling.

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