30 Things From Amazon That Reviewers Actually Swear By

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I didn’t realize how dehydrated I was until I ordered one of these. It changed everything for me. I’ve since ordered three more for my family and friends.

Promising review: “I have been using this water bottle for about a month now and I can say this is a fantastic water bottle. When it came to gallon water bottles, the main concern for me was the size of the mouth for the bottle. Most traditional water bottles have a bottle opening diameter of a little over 1 inch. This Joy bottle has an opening of a little over 1.5 inches. This allows me to fit larger sized ice cubes without worry of having to break it down or funnel it. I am also able to fill the bottle very quickly using the 5-gallon jugs I get from the store without the use of any funnels. As much as the motivational gallon bottles are nice, I did not care for the motivational writing that a lot of the gallon jugs that I saw. I love this bottle because it keeps things simple, it is easy to hold, has a nice clip to carry, and a large mouth to drink all the water or other beverages you may want. It is a must-get if you find it available and comes at a comparable price.” —Dragon

Get it from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in five colors).


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