75 Thoughts On Legacies Vampire Diaries Musical

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27. Hannah: How long did it take them to put this musical together? Usually it takes months.

28. Kelly: Yeah, how do kids in these shows always manage to put a whole play together in like, two days?

29. Hannah: Please tell me Landon isn’t self-inserting as Klaus.

30. Hannah: Oh great, it’s the guidance counselor monster dude. This has major Mr. Shue inserting himself into Rocky Horror vibes.

31. Hannah: Finally, the musical begins!

32. Kelly: Wooo, finally!!! Is it bad I actually kind of want this to be an actual Broadway show?

33. Hannah: I mean, I’d see it. But I want Bonnie to be in it!

34. Kelly: Yeah, where the hell is Bonnie??


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