“Focus on Being Productive Instead of Being Busy,” Tim Ferriss’ Advice for 2021

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According to Tim Ferriss, being productive and being busy are two different things. They sure are, and since 2020 was such an obstructive year, 2021 has to be different.

Here is a lead that makes ‘productive’ different from ‘busy.’ Busy implies the feeling of doing several things, causing tiresome feelings. Even when the day’s daily tasks are done, there is still a long list to go with no sense of achievement.

While the word ‘productive’ defines a concept where the focus is on things that help a person’s growth without tiring him/her physically, emotionally, or mentally. Some people can manage themselves. In contrast, others need a helping tool like productivity apps to change their lifestyle.

Being Productive is vital to an individual or organization’s wellbeing. Productive companies have higher turnovers, whereas individuals who take effective measures get closer to their goals each passing day.

Why is Being Productive important?

To achieve greater things in life, it’s essential to value today. When it’s about productivity, there are no excuses and no tomorrows. This is why being productive is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs efforts to make a change.

Since time is money, getting more done in less of it is a critical factor of being productive. With a productive approach, one can carry out more demanding, more significant tasks.

Ways to be Productive

Use Productivity Apps

There is always a lack of time in fulfilling the daily requirements an average human has. They want to do more by being efficient with time. A tested way to get the best out of time has a To-do list. Checklists record daily progress and keep us on track with alerts and schedules.

To do better, the focus on implementing a productivity app is vital. Pick a trusted one that fits the needs of the day best and will enable you to achieve better outcomes.

Set an Aim

First, if there is a goal, there is an absolute way to follow. Being on track towards a specific target will provide the motivation and purpose of the journey. Given any obstacles one may face, a productive aim will bring out the reason to keep going every day and proceed.

Follow a Time Table

Plan the next day, personally or professionally, before going to sleep and stick to the schedule throughout the day. Following it will help in maintaining a focus on daily meetings and engagements.

Advantages of Adopting a Productive Approach

  1. Boost in Concentration

Having productivity in life helps to understand the roadmap. It knows where to go, which offers to focus on the goal. It clears the doubts of questioning oneself and boosts the focused energy. This feeling of clarity will encourage the mind to concentrate entirely on the road.

  1. Better Management

With emphasis comes a complete understanding of what is getting on the path to achieving a goal. When productivity is an ingredient, each obstacle will be obvious, and you will notice when something or someone is attempting to distract.

Being conscious of the hurdles gives the means to conquer them. Once they are known, one can choose how to respond. Eventually, this suggests being present at the moment and engaging in conscious decision making. It is essential to be in charge, as it gives the ability to move positively and remain on the right track.

  1. Source of Inspiration

Whenever a challenge is solved, getting one major step closer towards achieving a dream becomes easier—refusing to get distracted by anything and maintaining focus. Take some time and reflect on the progress and how many challenges have been left behind. To keep going forward, this will inspire and fuel fresh energy each day.

  1. Peace of Mind

Productivity will also offer peace and a feeling of tranquillity. Having the power to overcome obstacles and knowing the way provides security, which gives a sense of tranquility. Setbacks are inevitable, and you might even have to take a jaunt to keep the process’s liveliness.

  1. Personal Development

The journey to a specific aim helps improve the individuals or the business involved. Learning to tackle hurdles and correcting mistakes strengthens the ability to deal with challenges and respond to particular circumstances. It’s a self-improvement mechanism that will enrich life.

  1. Sense of Achievement

And once the goal is down with a productive approach, there are memories to look back and see how amazing the entire period of struggle was. The fact that it has all passed successfully will give a sense of achievement and happiness.

Productivity is not just a word, it’s a lifestyle. The advantages mentioned here will not happen in one night, but they result from constant practices. Hence, to enjoy the fruits of productive life, start today, and progress your life.


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