Gwyneth Paltrow Claims She Predicted Wearing Masks

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“This is a familiar pattern in my life.”

You know Gwyneth Paltrow.

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Back in February — right before the COVID-19 pandemic really took hold in the U.S. — the actor and Goop guru posted a selfie while wearing a mask.

“This is a familiar pattern in my life,” she said. “I do something early, everyone is like, ‘What is she doing? She’s insane.’ And then it’s adopted by the culture.”

Anyway: Paltrow explained that she took the selfie while traveling to France” “when it was all kicking off”: “I wore it on the plane, but I didn’t wear it to the function that I was going to, and actually ended up getting Covid and coming home, and being one of the first people that I had heard of to have it.”

Look: It’s easy to rip on Paltrow a little for being…extra. But the bottom line is, she was practicing COVID-19 safety precautions early — even though she was using a mask with a vent, which isn’t recommended by CDC guidelines. (Also, she still got it anyway, which is a reminder of just how contagious this disease is.)

There are safety precautions you can take in your everyday life to prevent getting or giving COVID-19: wear a mask, practice social distancing, and get tested when necessary. Head to the CDC’s website for information about how to get a COVID-19 test in your state.

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