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Caribbean Blue” is a song by Irish musician Enya originally released as the second track on her 1991 album Shepherd Moons.The song follows a waltz time signature, and mentions the Anemoi (Ancient Greek wind gods): Boreas, Afer Ventus (Africus), Eurus, and Zephyrus.

When released, “Caribbean Blue” reached number eight on the Irish Singles Chart and number 13 on the UK Singles Chart. In the United States, it reached number 79 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number three on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. It was also highly popular in Poland, peaking at number five on the LP3 chart. The music video for the song features visual imagery based on the paintings of Maxfield Parrish, and was an early appearance for British TV-personality Martine McCutcheon

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Afer Ventus

So the world goes round and round
With all you ever knew
They say the sky high above
Is Caribbean blue...

If every man says all he can,
If every man is true,
Do I believe the sky above
Is Caribbean blue...

... Boreas...
... Zephryus...

If all you told was turned to gold,
If all you dreamed was new,
Imagine sky high above
In Caribbean blue...

... Eurus...
Afer Ventus...
... Boreas
... Africus...

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