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This (literal) dream come true:

“This one is strange to me because it was so long ago that I’m convinced I have to be remembering things wrong.

I was a young kid and, at the grocery store, I saw this small toy helicopter that I really wanted for some reason. I, of course, didn’t buy it, but the memory of it was stuck in my head. A few nights later, I had a dream that I was playing with the helicopter, but I realized it was a dream. In the dream, stupid young me thought that, if I put it under my pillow, it would still be there when I woke up.

After that, I woke up and eagerly checked under the pillow. It was right where I left it in the dream. As a kid, I wasn’t surprised to find it there, but years later I still have no clue how the toy helicopter actually got underneath the pillow.”



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