Love Stories From People Who Met Their Partners After 30

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“I met my wife in college, but she dropped out and I lost track of her. We were into each other, but she had previously been involved with a friend of mine, and he was still hung up on her, so we didn’t act on it.”

Eleven years later, I got an email blast from that friend. Included in the CC line was my wife-to-be’s email. I sent her a message and we started emailing back and forth A LOT. I was distracted and wasn’t picking up on clues that she was interested, not even when we finally got on the phone and talked for THREE HOURS.

Once I didn’t reply to her email quickly enough, so I wrote her a physical letter that I posted the first week of September. Here’s where I mention that this was 2001, she was living in Washington, DC, and that my letter was the only piece of mail she got on the 11th of September that year. It was also the last piece of mail she got at that PO box for a long time, because it got anthraxed shortly thereafter.

Things ramped up from there. She came to my state to see U2. She got the tickets, and I flew her down with my miles, which required her to stay for three days. We both thought, independently, ‘holy shit, we just signed up for a 72 hour first date.’ Reader, I married her. In October, we’ll have our 16th anniversary.”



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