Random But Useful Products We Found On TikTok

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These viral products are worth all the hype.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


A webcam cover to make sure you never run the risk of your coworkers catching a glimpse of your choatic background. Just make the sure the coast is clear — aka stack some academic books directly behind you to make you look ~scholarly~ — then slide the cover to the left and prepare to impress them with your sophisticated decor.

amazon.com, amazon.com

Promising review: “I always thought that putting something in front of your camera was reserved for government paranoid people, but 1. that is a real worry and 2. this thing comes in handy for everyday life too. I work at an organization that uses a lot of conference lines with external clients and having this manual option to prevent others from seeing my video is such a nice piece of mind. It doesn’t block the lens when opened and is super easy to apply. I also love that it is super discreet, and doesn’t prevent my laptop from closing properly.” —Manders

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $6.99.


A fun record player tape dispenser that will instantly upgrade your WFH experience. This nifty gadget is weighted so you can effortlessly snatch off a piece of tape with one hand. Plus, the faux vinyl player doubles as work desk decor and is Gen-Z approved.


Promising review: “When I pull the tape, it spins the record. I can’t help but find reasons to need tape just to pull on it. It really brings a little small kiddish joy or amusement when you see that record spin. Functionality isn’t sacrificed from the aesthetics. The weight of this thing is your best friend, the body of the tape dispenser doesn’t move when you pull any length of tape, so you get to enjoy this effect without worrying it flinging everywhere. I love how the transparent cap allows you to close the tape department after you’re done using it so in case you don’t use it for long periods of time the revealed tape gap is protected from any free flying dust from sticking with your tape. Overall, as a someone who loves art and functionality, I can vouch for this small product as a good buy.” —Ms. X

Get it from Amazon for $13.87.


A toothbrush and shaving razor sanitizer with a side compartment for your toothpaste. Not only can it help rid your toiletries of germs and bacteria, but it also looks like it was plucked from an episode of The Jetsons. Basically, it’ll up your hygiene game and make your bathroom look super ~futuristic.~


Promising review: “This is really lightweight and cute. I even took it with me when I went on vacation. It always keeps my toothbrush dry and clean! It makes small sound when you open it. The quality is really good. I and my husband are really happy with this purchase. ” —Giabell

Get it from Amazon for $49.95.


A pill organizer that’s super compact so you take it on the go. Plus, it has slots so you can separate your morning vitamins and medications from the ones you take at night.


Promising review: “This small pill box is very convenient to carry. I have to take some vitamins every day. It is very convenient to put the medicine I need to take every day in this small box.” —Luisana

Get it from Amazon for $6.99.


A no-touch brass keychain door opener and stylus — aka you’ll never have to touch a digital screen or door handle in public ever again. Use this instead of your hands at the ATM or to enter stores, then easily clip to your hip or place in your pocket.


SoCal3D is a small business based in San Diego, California that sells and creates 3D printed products.

Promising review: “Product arrived promptly and was designed as advertised. Sturdy, fun color, stylus better than I’ve seen on similar products.” —Benjamin Perlman

Get it from SoCal3D on Etsy for $14.99.


A two-pack security alarm keychain with an LED flashlight and USB charging port because it’s better to be safe than sorry. In the case of an emergency, you can press the SOS button to sound the alarm that alerts anyone nearby that you might be in danger. You can use the light to see at night and charge your phone with the USB if it dies while you’re outside.


Promising review: “After doing extensive comparisons, this one checked off all my boxes. To me it’s ear split-tingly loud in a sleek, elegant design. I tested by pressing before charging and they are LOUD. Must hold button for three seconds before they shut off. I’m now afraid to try pulling the pin but i wanted more than one way to trigger alarm. The flashlight is bright: press once for a steady light, twice for flashing. I love that they are rechargeable so goodbye replacement batteries. This will make me feel safer walking at night and in parks. I plan to give as gifts too. Hope for the best prepare for the worse.” —Slayr

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $21.99.


A beautiful LED alarm clock that will inspire you to film a ‘morning routine’ TikTok as soon as its delivered. This chic gadget will display the time on its mirror screen, make sure you never sleep late, annnnnd it can charge your phone. In the words of Michael Scott, it’s a win-win-win.

amazon.com, @miriam. gin1 / Via tiktok.com

Promising review: “Let’s be honest. There are tons and I mean tons of clock options out there but the reality is that majority of them are hideous. I wanted a clock that was both functional and looks great. This product is exactly that. I find the second dim level perfect. Bright enough without being blinding. Having 12-hour and 24-hour options are great. I only use it as a clock so I can’t speak much about using it as an alarm clock. The USBs on the side make charging small devices a breeze. Guests are always complimenting the clock and asking where I got it. Highly recommend!” —Catherine

Get it from Amazon for $20.95.


An Ergo Spout so you can turn almost any mason jar into an adorable dispenser. Just add in any dressing, sweetener, or sauce, place and screw the top on to the jar, then hold the handle and the flip top to pour. You can officially say goodbye dated syrup bottles and cheap condiment packaging!


The ergo spout fits all standard size 2.75″ inch mouth mason jars regardless of size (ie. half-gallon, quart, pint). It is compatible with most mason jar brands including Ball, Kerr, Kilner, Atlas, Golden Harvest.

Promising review: “I recently took my ergo spout on a family reunion trip. I had mason jars filled with special salad dressing and maple syrup from a bulk gallon, enough to feed my family group of 17. It was so convenient to transport the condiments in sealed jars, then screw on the ergo spout to serve them. The salad dressing was easy to pour on everyone’s cafe-rio-type salads, and my sisters all commented on how beautiful and convenient it was. The next morning, I was able to put the jar of syrup into the microwave to warm it up, then screw on the ergo spout to help pour the syrup as well. No need to transfer the syrup more than once. Plus it looked so classy. I was very proud to have this beautiful tool to take with me.” —Liz

Get it from Amazon for $21.95.


A compact three-in-one fan/charger/flashlight that has endless possibilities. It can charge your phone, charge your wireless earphones, help you find items in the dark, keep you cool, dry your nails, and more all for under 16 bucks. I’ll take two. please!

amazon.com, amazon.com

Promising review: “This is another smart idea made into a product. The fan is very small (4.75″ X 1.5″) and easy to pack, because it folds and the two blades collapse. Its battery runs very long and allows the fan to serve as a power bank, using the USB port on the end. There are two speeds and it’s pretty strong, especially for a handheld personal fan, though you can also fold it 90 degrees and stand it up. If you hold down the power switch while closed, the fan becomes a bright LED flashlight. The teddy bear ears are a cute touch, especially for kids.” —Carlos S.

Get it from Amazon for $15.99.


Bluetooth sunglasses with a built-in mic so you can listen to your Spotify playlist without headphones, make hands-free calls, protect your eyes, *and* look incredibly stylish. Easily adjust the volume by pressing the button on the shades and enjoy up to 10 hours of talk and play time!


The Bluetooth sunglasses are compatible with Siri, Cortana, Google, Pandora, iTunes, Spotify and many more services. The lenses are coated with UV400 protection which blocks 99% of UV light.

Promising review: “I own other OhO glasses and found the video and sound to be great, battery power long lasting, and the videos easy to download. These glasses are attractive to me because of the Bluetooth capabilities. I also dislike wearing ear pods and wires. I am a boat captain and with these glasses I can talk to my customers on the phone and listen to music without my passengers thinking I am goofing off. They also work nicely as sunglasses with interchangeable polarized lenses. The polarized lenses really reduce eye fatigue from a long day on the water. The Q&A says that the glasses will accommodate prescription lenses. I am eager to try this option out. These glasses do it all.” —Patrick Bredlau

Get it from Amazon for $68.99.


A 10-pack of Wonder Hangers because your Zara haul left you with enough outfit changes to fit into a three minute TikTok video — but definitely not your tiny closet. One hanger can hold five garments, plus the handle can lay vertically which gives you even more space.


Promising review: “I wish I had taken the time to take a before and after pic because I have so much more room in there now than I did before. I I found the cutest tops in there that I had completely forgotten about because my clothes were crammed in the closet so tightly. Most of the time I felt like I had nothing to wear LOL and now I know exactly what I have and it’s even organized by sleeve length and color. I would definitely buy again and actually plan to buy more for my husband and children to use as well.” —Mariko Lamb

Get ia 10-pack from Amazon for $14.99.


A silicone mask brush to make applying beauty masks a breeze (especially if, like me, you can NEVER get an even application of product on your face). This guarantees that every inch of your face will be evenly coated and equally pampered.


Promising review: “These silicone mask brushes are very nice! They seem sturdy which is great because I apply a mask daily and a clay mask 2x a week. Mixing everything with a plastic spoon is wasteful, it never mixes everything together great and can be very sloppy. applying the mask with my fingers also tends to be a pain. Remember, if you use bentonite clay, it can’t come in contact with metal, so the silicone is perfect for mixing it. The silicone tip is also long enough I don’t have to worry about the clay coming into contact with the metal that holds the silicone and handle together.” —Em🐾

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $3.98.


Portable soap paper sheets that get instantly sudsed up with a drop of water. These can clean your hands on-the-go when the Costco bathroom runs out of soap during your shopping trip and you’ve got to go.

amazon.com, tiktok.com

Promising review: “Exactly what I wanted! Hands feel very clean after wash! Highly recommend! I read other reviews and decided these had the best reviews, those reviews did not disappoint! Each sheet of soap produces enough soap to give the comfort of knowing your hands are throughly clean. We liked our first order so much that we bought 10 packs for my fiancé work crew to help make keeping their hands clean during this pandemic! ( he’s a delivery driver/repair tech). If you have wanted to try something like this product, I highly recommend this brand!” —Clippin4You

Get a four-pack from Amazon for $9.69.


Mighty Match Pimple Spot Treatment – it battles blemishes and stops you from picking at your face, which just causes further inflammation and more bacteria. These grab the goo out of your zit while you binge Netflix or get some beauty rest: simply apply the sticker to the pimple and in six hours, your uninvited guest will have reduced in size (or disappeared altogether).


Promising review: “I do not claim to understand the science behind this tiny miracles, but they have changed my life. I spent my workday looking forward to going home and putting one of these bad boys on my newly erupted Mt. Zit and the overnight results were Shocking. Not only is it grossly satisfying, but it saved me several days of walking around with a bloody crater in my face because my previous method of dealing with unsightly blemishes was to pick pick pick.” —Adg

Get it from Amazon for $12.50.


A portable blender that turns into a 14-oz travel cup and comes with a mini cube ice tray! You can pack your smoothie ingredients and blend on the go — once it’s done, just sip right from the cup or with a metal straw (save the 🐢s!).

amazon.com, amazon.com

Promising review: “Best purchase I’ve made, you can literally take this anywhere or use it anywhere. This is perfect if you live in a small space and need something smaller than a huge blender. It works just as effective as a normal blender and grinds perfectly. Love the fact you don’t have to plug it in every time you use it like a blender has to. The little ice tray is cute too.” —Alina A.

Get it from Amazon for $34.99 (available in four colors).


A faux leather napkin holder for your car — so that now when someone asks for a tissue, you won’t have to pull out a crumpled up torn piece from your glove compartment that you “swear” isn’t used.


Promising review: “For years we’ve dealt with a tissue box in our vehicles. “Where is it today?” “I can’t reach it when I need it!” “The box is falling apart from being jostled about!” No more! After getting this product and mounting it to the passenger side visor. We now can enjoy having tissue close at hand and when we need it. It mounts very easily, just slides onto the visor. It does not come loose and stays where it’s supposed to stay. It is narrow enough that it does not impede line of sight when the visor is up. We chose to put it on the passenger side only because our garage door opener is on the driver’s side. A must-have!” —gkhelland

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.


A quiet portable humidifier and night light to remove dust and allergens, plus help relieve dry nose and throat. And the LED lights really steal the show! They come in seven calming colors that are perfect for late-night bathroom trips and even car rides.

amazon.com, amazon.com

Promising review: “I love this adorable product. I bought it for my office, there is no static or shocks due to dry conditions from heating any more. I highly recommend this for any office or personal space. I have more than gotten my money’s worth already. If I lost this today, I would immediately buy another!” —Yong.C

Get it from Amazon for $14.88.


A BPA-free electric water bottle pump that can be used on two to five gallon jugs of water without the traditional dispenser. This device can be super helpful for anyone who can’t lift the heavy jug or clean the standard cooler, plus it’s also for great for camping trips and to save space in your home. Just plop the jug right on your counter and place the pump directly on the cap on to enjoy.


The stainless steel pump has an automatic shut-off function, is rechargeable, and has a USB port.

Promising review: “This product is awesome. We noticed the water in our standing cooler started tasting off and we’d only had it about two months so it wasn’t old by any means. We mentioned it to our water delivery driver, thinking maybe we were receiving different water, and he said it could be because algae tends to grow inside the coolers rather quickly, because the water comes from a spring. That made absolute sense to us, because it even smelled a tad pond-ish and didn’t taste fresh. So we immediately got rid of it, bought this product and our water tastes better than it ever has. I cannot recommend it enough. It’s easy to charge, and easy to clean my three year old uses this easily. Literally with the push of a button, no spills. We will never go back to units or using any kind of water containers again.” —Evans Martinez

Get it from Amazon for $10.99.


A skin scrubber so you can get a spa like facial in the comfort of your own home. This affordable gadget removes dirt, oil, and gunk from your pores while massaging your skin. It also comes with two silicone covers — one to assist with tightening and one to give your skin a deep clean.

amazon.com, amazon.com

Promising review: “I never write reviews but I could not pass this one up. I have been fighting with my skin for years! After my last pregnancy, I started developing cystic acne, my skin was congested with oil, whiteheads, blackheads, you name it. All those years of desperately doing my own extractions, trying every mask, cleanser, device, my skin was left scarred and discolored – I hated the texture of my skin. I impulsively bought this and tried it the day it was delivered. I was amazed at how well it extracted all the gunk I could and couldn’t see lurking under my skin. I use it every night to cleanse, then apply my serum and moisturizer. I am finally happy with the way my skin looks and posted a selfie without a filter for the first time since I can remember. Just try it!” —Marlena H.

Get it from Amazon for $22.99.


A clip-on lip balm pouch that will ensure you never mistakenly toss another tube in the washing machine because you left it in your pocket — or — suffer from chapped lips because you switched purses and forgot your gloss. Each order comes with five pouches so you can keep it clipped to every single one of your keys, backpacks, and purses.


Promising review: “Bought this product as a way to keep my lip balm on me, without having to transfer between pairs of pants. I’ve washed far too many tubes of lip balm. So far, the product works wonderfully! Fits Blistex and Burt’s Bees tubes for sure, unsure about other brands/shapes. Made of soft, spongy, but durable neoprene, and the marbled patterns are super cute! Highly recommend.” —Theresa Smith

Get a five-pack from Amazon for $8.29.


A bug bite suction tool to help relieve swelling, irritation, and itching from mosquitoes, bees, wasps, and more. Just one pump of this simple device removes insect fluid from bites! It’s reusable and doesn’t require any pills, cream, or prescriptions.


Promising review: “I cannot stress to you enough how much better this simple little tool has made my quality of life during summer in Ohio. It rains a lot. There are a lot of mosquitoes. Omg so many mosquitoes. I have horrific allergic reactions to mosquito bites. We’re talking bumps swelling to the width of softballs within minutes of the bite. This tool doesn’t make those bumps go away, but it stops the itch IMMEDIATELY. I was a huge skeptic; how could a little suction cure this agonizingly itchy allergic reaction? I’ll be honest. I still really don’t know how it does, but it provides instant relief that no pill, cream, or injection ever has ever achieved for me. If you live anywhere where insect bites are common, you need to own one of these!” —Customer

Get it from Amazon for $9.95.


A beauty spatula that will ensure you get every last bit of product out of the bottle. The slim tool acts as a mini shovel for your lotions, creams, foundations, and more. Never again will you have to trash what could easily be five more full face applications of product.


Promising review: “I don’t know how I lived without these spatulas. I thought I needed to buy a new foundation, but using the little spatula I was able to get every last bit out and go another couple of months before my next makeup purchase. I also had a large bottle of lotion that the pump wouldn’t work on any more and was all going to go to waste without the spatula. I plan on getting more of these as Christmas stocking stuffers.” —Mandi L

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $6.99.


A portable no-install door lock to provide an extra bit of security at home or away. The durable steel security device just needs to be placed in the jam of a locked door and then you can enjoy a night of extra peaceful sleep.


Promising review: “I only needed one but got another one for when I travel. I live in a condo and someone tried to get in around 4 a.m. but I had put my trashcan in front of the door and they knocked it down and left running. I used this and the next time they tried to get in they couldn’t. I use this every day/night when I’m in my condo and I use it alongside a door alarm. It doesn’t look like it works but it definitely does. This thing actually works.” —A. D.

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $12.95.


A nail polish holder ring that has made the impossible possible — flawless at-home manicures! This ring comfortably sits between two fingers which allows you to lay your hand flat and have the bottle directly on top of it. No more mess or stress!


Promising review: “Soon as I saw this, I knew I had to get it. How smart that someone finally came up with something that will hold your polish? Not everyone can afford to, or want to go out and get mani pedis right now. Some of us want to stay home, stay away from the germs and do these things ourselves. But of course, I would make a mess, or tip the polish over or knock it over when working on my fingers and toes. This is perfect. It fits on my hand, it fits all sizes of nail polish bottles and it is made of a nice thick plastic. You get 5 big stars from me.” —Anne Maes

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.


Cleaning putty — this gel actually makes the act of cleaning super satisfying and fun. Plus this reusable blob can fit into all the dusty nooks and crannies of your car, computer, and home.

Amazon, Via tiktok.com

Promising review: “This product does exactly what it says it does. I recently got a new car and was looking for something to easily put I up dust. I saw this product from TikTok. I was surprised at how easily it picks up dust and small debris, especially from inside of vents and cup holders. It’s also great for the though screen in my car! The only complaint is the very artificial smell when you use it. It doesn’t last, just when it’s out of the container!” —Loren

Get it from Amazon for $8.39.


Reusable silicone dishwashing gloves that will protect your manicure, keep your hands dry, and save you $$$ in the long run. Need I say more?


Promising review: “I was a bit skeptical when purchasing these gloves, but the reviews were excellent, so I went ahead and bought them. I am so glad I did. I have small hands, but these gloves fit fine. Two things I really love about these gloves: 1. water does not seep inside (pet peeve of mine) and 2. they are easy to get on and off repeatedly (second pet peeve is when you need to wait until the gloves dry to get your hands back in them). The gloves do an excellent job cleaning the dishes and kitchen. I have not used the to do other rooms in the house but will be purchasing another pair to tackle other cleaning jobs.” —Babs

Get it from Amazon for $7.99.


Shark Tank approved reusable silicone mats which can be used as a mat for your hot tools, trivet, pot holder, food splatter guard, and jar opener. Plus, these non-slip mats are BPA-free, heat resistant, and dishwasher safe.


Promising review: “I ordered these in the hopes that I could stop burning my fingers on food cooked in the microwave. Not only did they keep my pinkies pink, but they also catch the inevitable spills/leaks. They are VERY easy to clean. I was worried when I made some microwave popcorn atop the smaller one. It seemed to have a small scorch mark on it. I put it in the dishwasher, bottom shelf. I was stunned that not only did the scorch mark come off, the mat was just as perfect as the first time I used it. This would make a wonderful wedding or housewarming gift. I may need to gift myself with more for other household needs.” —AZN8TV

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $27.95.


A mini desktop vacuum for all the snack crumbs, dirt, and dust that your desk has accumulated. Just slide this super cute device over your TikTok-worthy WFH set up for a quick clean up in seconds.

amazon.com, http://TikTok/@aishas.accessories

Promising review: “Holy geez where was this all my life? This is the perfect crumb catcher/sweeper for your table. Have little ones that leave toast crumbs everywhere? Or a husband that drops little bits of stuff? This will vacuum it all up and voila clean table! It’s a nice compact size and can pick up sizeable crumbs easily. I’m gifting these for Xmas!” —Kestrel

Get it from Amazon for $15.98.


Car seat gap fillers so that important items like your phone, glasses, or food don’t slip between the cracks. Now your car won’t smell like ~eau de week old fast food~ and your glasses will remain intact.


Promising review: “I have to admit, my expectations weren’t very high. I thought it was more of a joke when my husband got this for me for Christmas. Little did I realize it would be one of my most favorite gadgets ever! I don’t know if I realized just how many things went missing in my seat gap. It has really saved a lot of things from disappearing into that black hole. It was easy enough to fit into my car and it’s soft! It’s just like an extension of my seat, except it fits every curve of my seat! There really isn’t another product that compares to this. That’s why I gave it 5 stars!” —Tessa Forbes

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $22.99.


A car clip sauce holder — now you can enjoy your to-go order on-the-go without ruining the car *or* your outfit. This double dipper allows you to conveniently dunk your nuggets, fries, or even a burger without worrying about short stops or unsteady hands getting in the way.


3D Printed by Brian is a small business based in Fate, Texas that sells 3D printed products.

Promising review: “My husband rolled his eyes at me that I bought it but I have no regrets! Never again will I spill sauce on myself in the car. Has an even nicer cleaner look than the picture in my opinion.” —MadisonElaine98

Get it from 3D Printed by Brian on Etsy for $5.20.


Reusable silicone mitts that will turn you into a lean mean hot pot grabbing machine. I mean seriously, you won’t be able to resist lifting up the lid on your delicious meal or getting a peak at your oven dish with these delightful mini mitts.


Each order comes with a set of two silicone mitts.

A Little Shop by Alex is a small business based in Belleville, Pennsylvania that sells kitchen products.

Get a two-pack from A Little Shop by Alex on Etsy for $11.


A electric frother to take your barista skills to the next level. This battery powered device makes the cloudiest and yummiest hot or cold foam from the milk of your choice (psst, it works great on nondairy milk, too!).

amazon.com, amazon.com

Promising review: “Until now I have tried steamer attachments (ouch! many burns!), hand whisks, and battery-operated whisks, but none have worked with less effort and better results than this one! Instructions recommend whole milk for best results, but I use 2% milk and it works great. Love the fact it has a special setting for cold milk. I pour enough cold milk to reach the minimum fill line and I get enough foam for two coffees. It’s so quick I can start my brewer and then the frother and they are both ready at the same time. Very easy to clean — just give it a quick rinse after use (don’t let it sit!) and I appreciate the fact they provide a spare whisking coil that can be stored out of the way in the lid clip. Love it, I would absolutely buy this item again!” —Don The Idea Guy

Get it from Amazon for $44.99.


A case of 1,200 silicone earring backs because these guys are more elusive than socks — they get lost, fall out, or tear, which means you run the risk of losing your favorite pair of earrings. Thankfully, for under six bucks, you can avoid this ever happening again.


Promising review: “These little silicone backs are small, but they tightly hold the earring in place really well. And with 200 pieces in the box, if you drop one (you will), it really doesn’t matter. Now I can safely wear the earrings in my jewelry box that are missing one or both backs. This was an excellent and inexpensive purchase for me. Highly recommend!” —Carol R. Slicher

Get 200 pieces from Amazon for $5.99.


Pre-made and custom spice labels that will ensure your kitchen pantry TikTok video ends up on the “for you” page. Whether you’re going for a minimalist aesthetic or want to ~spice~ it up, you’ll find the perfect design for you. Plus, all labels are waterproof and can take a lot of wear and tear.

Etsy/Real and Vibrant

Real and Vibrant is a small woman-owned business based in Seattle, Washington that sells pre-made and custom labels.

Promising review: “These are perfect! The quality is so much better than I was expecting for jar labels. They are incredibly secure, glossy and have clean beautiful printing. I highly recommend.” —Nicole Pelott

Get it from Real and Vibrant on Etsy for $10+.


A handheld bag sealer because rolling the bag up after opening it results in stale chips and possibly pests. Now you can keep little critters out and freshness in by resealing it with this mini gadget.

Amazon, @teresalauracaruso / Via tiktok.com

Promising review: “Super easy to use. I love that this mini heat sealer is battery operated. It works great for sealing bags of chips! So much nicer than using chip clips. It has a magnet in the back so you just pop it on your fridge and it’s there wherever you need it. Like many other reviews have said, it’s one of those things you didn’t know you needed!” —Evette Rowley

Get it from Amazon for $16.99.


A ribbed halter top with a built in bra — this stretchy top provides maximum comfort and support without any wires. It goes with absolutely anything and can be dressed up under a blazer or down with a pair of sweats. BRB, going to snatch these up in every. single. color.

Klassy Network

Klassy Network is a small business and fashion brand.

Promising review: “I totally love these Brami Halter tops. Being a cup size C; not having to wear a bra was almost impossible for me. With the Brami I am so happy that I do not have to use a bra plus still keep my boobs in place. These are so versatile that I used them every where .. all the time.. even to do yoga. I just love them!” —Zaidy B.

Get it from Klassy Network for $39.99 (available in sizes XS—3XL and five sizes).


A rechargeable hand warmer and phone charger. Let’s face it, I’ve never met a mitten that kept my hand warm, disposable hand warmers are costly over time, and my TikTok habit constantly drains my cell battery — this little guy can heat up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit in seconds, keep your prized iPhone/Android juiced, and one charge lasts four to eight hours.

amazon.com, amazon.com

Promising review: “This product is great. I moved to Baltimore for school and last winter I was freezing, my fingers felt like ice sticks. But thankfully for this product so far it’s been much more bearable. The second best part is that this is also a power bank. There’s nothing like warming your hands and charging your phone at the same time!! Thank you to the creator of this product.” —Yosef Chaim Noorani

Get it from Amazon for $28.99 (available in eight different designs).


An electric lighter that will never lose its ~spark~ because it uses ion technology to keep candles and birthday cakes lit. The flameless tool is rechargeable, wind-, splash-proof, and extremely durable.

Heather Braga / BuzzFeed, amazon.com

Promising review: “I’m not sure about battery life because it’s rechargeable. My daughter has one, it’s been over a year and she’s never charged hers. I will NEVER go back to the traditional, long flame lighters. This thing is AMAZING! It’s worth the money. I burn candles everyday. This will be an awesome gift for any candle loving person. Very easy to use.” —JMR

Get it from Amazon for $14.99 (available in five colors).


Bestool Detangling Brush to cut the detangling process for curlies in half! The ergonomic shape and unique design allows for a painless hair-smoothing process with minimal hair loss involved.

amazon.com, amazon.com

Promising Review: “This product is amazing! I learned about it after extensively scouring the web for the best detangling comb. After one use, I’m convinced it may be the most transformational element in the detangling process for my and my daughters’ hair. My 11-year old didn’t even realize I was comb detangling her hair when it was her turn until she heard me singing the product’ praise. It is so important to have a product like this on the market for those with 4c hair looking to maximize the length and strength of our hair; the detangling process often feels like a hindrance to this goal. Recommending this product to everyone!” —Customer

Get it from Amazon for $8.66.

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